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Our inspection subsidiary, Fidelity Inspection & Consulting Services, Inc. (“FICS”) has been supporting the relocation industry since 1984 by providing assistance to third-party relocation firms, corporations and their transferring employees.  They specialize in offering professional, convenient and cost effective inspection services.  FICS has years of experience gained from handling hundreds of thousands of property inspections and is a leader within the relocation support services industry.

FICS is proud to have a history that incorporates many significant milestones.  Just a sampling of those includes:

  • Played a key role in identifying the downfalls of the standard ERC® Septic Dye Test, which was used in septic system analysis (FICS conducts educational seminars and helps their clients modify their policies to reflect a complete evaluation);
  • Took aggressive steps to protect corporations with the development of a reasonable approach to Corrosive Problem Drywall, mold, moisture and mildew issues, and has conducted several ERC® webinars on these topics.  This is an ongoing program which is constantly evolving as we learn more about the impact upon the third-party relocation firm, inspection company, corporation and the transferring employee;
  • Served on the original task force to help develop the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Form used universally by HUD today, and are considered to be experts in the pest control field;
  • Served on the ERC® Property Assessment Task Force and participated in the enhancement of the ERC® Relocation Property Assessment Form and Guide; and
  • Remaining at the forefront of helping their clients understand and develop policies regarding EIFS[1] and other environmental related issues that have a significant impact on the marketing and salability of real estate.

FICS provides a wide range of inspection services throughout the U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Puerto Rico.  Their services consist of standard inspection requests, as well as Phase I environmental audits, underground heating oil storage tanks (oversight management[2]), mold determinations and lead paint evaluations.  Further, they offer various radon testing and a radon protection program which helps mitigate the cost of radon remediation for their customers. FICS has recently added Winterization and Dewinterization services to their growing list of service offerings. Please click here for more information on this new service.

Their management team is totally involved, committed and consistently available to address problems on a daily basis.  Their services are comprehensive and very competitively priced. Visit the FICS website at  to learn more information about the FICS organization and their services.

Contact us today so you, too, can experience how FICS educates their customers through advocacy and service!


[1]     EIFS – Exterior Insulation & Finishing Systems (synthetic stucco)                                  

[2]    Overseeing the proper removal or abandonment of a residential underground heating-oil storage tank.  Service encompasses following the proper actions and protocols required for that specific area/state, and includes tasks such as: initial review of any soil and tank integrity tank tightness reports; selecting a qualified, licensed and properly insured tank removal company to accomplish the removal or abandonment; coordinating and ensuring the proper paperwork is generated and issued with an end-product release from the regulatory agencies stating “No Further Actions” or “Approved Clearance.”

 Home Inspection Solutions


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