Fidelity Residential Solutions, Inc. (FRS) is the nation’s leading single source provider for relocation real estate title services. From relocation title, equity, deed documentation, resale closing to destination title and closing services, our comprehensive suite of services is sure to encompass your business needs. We understand the importance of service transparency and quality to ensure you are working with a partner you trust.

Whether bundled or customized, below are a few of the many service offerings for Title and Closing:

FRS offers title order processing utilizing our vast national network of relocation-trained, independent and company-owned title agents and attorneys. Once a title commitment is received, our team works swiftly to resolve title curative issues, if any, to facilitate a timely acquisition and/or resale closing. We keep you informed through every step of the transaction.

FRS obtains the most current tax information from the local taxing authority and provides this information in our title report to the customer.

Our Nominee services, through National Residential Nominee Services, Inc. (NRNSI), help limit financial and legal exposure for our customers by taking or holding title in your Double Deed transactions as recommended by Worldwide ERC® or other client-specific policies.

FRS will prepare and/or provide all state-specific deed documents to transfer property from the homeowner/transferee. In states requiring attorney deed preparation, we work with our local attorney network to provide the appropriate documents. We make notarization easy by offering the transferee access to our on-staff notaries via E-Notary, where available, or arranging a local notary appointment for the party signing.

Upon review of title and lien documentation, FRS will prepare the preliminary, estimated and final equity calculations. This service includes 1099 filing, Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) and state withholding requirements.

Today’s cyber fraud attempts bring about risk in disbursing and wiring funds. Once customer approval is provided, FRS is able to disburse equity funds on behalf of our customers and ensure that the most comprehensive fraud prevention techniques are followed.

If early recording is deemed necessary by a customer, FRS ensures the appropriate deed documents are recorded. Confirmation of recording and copies of the documents are obtained for your peace of mind.

FRS offers the placement and removal of vacant dwelling insurance (VDI). This service is provided whether you choose to use your preferred vendor or rely upon the FRS VDI program. We manage all the details from calculation of premiums, bordereau submission and payment of monthly premiums.

Whether you require payment outsourcing of recurring bills such as loan payments, taxes and Homeowners Association dues or your outsourcing needs include the management of brokers and property related bills, FRS will build a payment management process that suits your unique billing requirements.

When the customer chooses to pay off a loan, FRS will obtain the loan payoff with the appropriate good thru date. Once the funds are available, FRS will pay off the loan and track it to ensure funds are received and the lien is released of record.

FRS works with our vast national network of relocation-trained, independent and company-owned title and closing agents and attorneys to manage and review the resale closing. FRS focuses on consistency in fees, timely closings, obtaining and reviewing all documentation, ensuring compliance with the contract and corporate client policies. We also oversee the timely delivery of recordings, disbursements and the payment of referral fees. Should a deficit closing arise, FRS will assist to ensure funds are received timely and closing delays are minimized.

FRS can assist with employee loans by obtaining a title search, coordinating the preparation of the documents necessary to secure the loan, and releasing the loan upon payment in full.

FRS will prepare a final property report detailing all expenses and credits incurred during the relocation transaction. Our customers view the file reconciliation as comprehensive and “client ready” alleviating them of the steps required to reconcile a file.

FRS works with our vast national network of relocation-trained, independent and company-owned title agents and attorneys to ensure an experience that is as smooth as that of our departure title and closing services. We work closely with each office on the status of title, and at the time of closing, we review the Closing Disclosure for accuracy as to the real estate contract, application of customary and reasonable closing costs, compliance to direct bill policies (where provided), and confirmation of referral fee capture.

Whether direct reimbursement is provided for departure or destination services, we rely on our trusted network of relocation-trained offices to manage the closing for the transferee. Once available, we obtain the Closing Disclosure or ALTA statement for review of the reimbursable closing costs and will provide this analysis to the customer. Once funding is extended to FRS, we disburse to our local closing office so that the transferee doesn’t have to bring the funds to closing.

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